Welcome to C4 Wordcraft!

What’s Wordcraft?

Think of a craftsman of old, but instead of working in iron, or wood, or glass, I work in words. Hence, wordcraft.

So what do I really do? And what can I really do for you?

I write. I create stories to inspire or encourage or teach. I communicate and connect. I create useful, functional, moving—maybe even beautiful—things with just the right combination of words.

I edit. I take your words, and add just the right materials to build on them, without losing the truth, the voice, of what you’ve already created. Then I trim, tweak, polish… until only the best remains.


And What’s C4?

C4 represents the four pillars of the best writing: Clear. Concise. Correct. Consistent. (And Creative… can’t forget that one! But C4 rings better than C5…)

They’re the wordcrafting rules I follow. (Well, at least until there’s a reason to break them…)


Want to Know More?

See Services for more details on the individual services I offer.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to create your own book—your own “Authority Magnet”? More details here.